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Our Work

Cornerstone Crafts Newmarket was set up so that all profits would go back into the community. Many projects struggle to get their fundraising mission visible and able to generate sufficient income. There are also many talented crafts people who would happily donate their time to make items which could be sold at a market value for good causes. The solution was to reach a wider audience and link the two aims together. 

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Cornerstone Mission Project - All Saints Church, Newmarket

The Cornerstone Mission Project aims to serve the community of Newmarket and district through the building and rejuvenation of a space which is bright, modern, accessible and inviting within the current church building.  As a town centre church, All Saints is home to a large number of different user groups as well as a thriving church family.  In creating a new entrance facing the town, new meeting spaces, improved facilities and flexible seating, we will support the growing church, open views to within and allow small groups and concerts valuable space.

All Saints School Newmarket PTA

All Saints promote strong values that everyone is included, involved and inspired. They have a fantastic reputation for SEND support and are a major presence in the town, taking part in the Jubilee parade this year. In previous years we have been able to hold a stall at the Christmas Fair or donate trays of rainbow bath bombs. Last year we donated money to help year 1 buy a special knights, princesses and castles carpet. 


DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike of the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich put out a call to support the Disasters Emergency Commission for the Ukraine via World Vision. " The funds you donate to this emergency appeal will support emergency response for displaced children and families in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We will use donations in Ukraine through partners when it is possible. If this is not possible or in the unlikely event we receive more donations than we need for this emergency, the donations will be used to help displaced and refugee populations elsewhere around the world." 

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