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The art of soap hygge

If you are anything like me, you've spent most of the last year improving your immediate environment. As we spend an increasing amount of time in our homes we want the things we do keep in them to make us happy. My vision for the soaps I make (and bath bombs too) is that they would look great in a bathroom and be nice to use. Something that is curated but practical. I wanted to use patterns which would stand out, essential oils which would make you feel happy and luxury soap feel which would make you pause in the moment.

I have a range of my own soaps all around my own home. They last a long time, and continue to look good. I also love having some still in boxes so that when you open them you get the full on scent. It makes me happy, I hope the same for you.

Whatever you do keep in your home, don't clutter, use the things you have, take the time to enjoy them and support small businesses.

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