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Small beginnings

Updated: May 31, 2020

I love the journey I've been on over the past couple of years. It started with an exercise in reducing plastic use and being more sustainable. We started making presents, finding recipes for home made cleaning products and understanding some of the ingredients used. Early days of making bath bombs were mixed. It took me a long time of testing before I finally took the plunge to commit to recipes and get them assessed. The feedback I had on them was great and kept me going. Making products look more professional was a struggle but great to see so many tools available to help create logos and labels.

Soaps has been the most rewarding part. It's fun to do. I love working with essential oils and I had fun testing lots of different oils and understanding the chemistry. As a lab scientist I'm used to working in PPE and with protocols. The creative side, playing with colours and scents was a lovely outlet. The picture below is of the Eucalyptus and tea tree soap. The colours are all natural - charcoal, kelp and macha green tea. It's made using alternating concentric circles. I love the randomness of the patterns and the excitement of unmoulding.

I've got to the stage of everything being fully assessed and packaged appropriately. My hope is that we can continue making and selling them to support local projects while providing something that makes people happy. Over the years we will expand the list of charities we support and hopefully have some great conversations with people about them.

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