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Mastering product fails

As a development scientist by trade, I do like to improve a system. Bath bombs in particular are amazing but very easy to get wrong. If your humidity is too high on the day or you take too long and the mix dries out, all the accurate weighing in the world won't help. There are times when the mix can get stuck to the mould when you press it and you end up with two halves or it gets stuck in the mould itself, or you release it successfully, dry on the side and find it has a flat bottom! My product fails always make it as test products or get palmed off on to family - sorry guys - but is still a source of frustration.

After a lot of attempt to master our 3D printer with help from much more adept friends, we got a series of moulds printed in PLA to use, and then for the bath bombs to dry in. I have a hand built press made from a can crusher mounted on a wooden frame. A dusting of sodium bicarbonate prevents the sticking issue, the press gives a really solid shape and drying in the bottom mould solves the soggy bottom. It was a much quicker process too. We're on a role. Leading up to Christmas and being back to working full time, it's all about efficiency.

Having said all of this, I attempted to take a video of the remaining bath bomb mix going into a glass bowl of water to show the colours. Doing it one handed while filming, I dumped the whole contents in at once creating a purple, blue and green overflow of bubbles everywhere. Oops! Systems can't account for human error and the desire to film everything...

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