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Gift giving

During the difficult time of saying goodbye to teachers and wanting to express gratitude to those working above and beyond, I have really appreciated the art of gift giving. I actively look for things which are handmade, sustainable, luxury or simple. Something personal and relevant. I received a handmade mask with beautiful material decorated with birds and a watercolour picture from my lovely sister-in-law for my birthday and a homemade candle in a tea cup from a friend. I have commissioned fellow crafters who's work I appreciate, to make things for me rather than buying something cheap and generic. I have loved sending encouraging postcards to friends just to let them know I'm thinking of them - check out Hope and Ginger for these.

I've loved including some of my soaps, candles and bath bombs and taking time to arrange them in sustainably made baskets or bags. My children love giving the rainbow bath bombs and insect soaps to their friends and I have had lovely feedback from those who have also bought from me to give to others.

As we head towards Christmas, I will be listing products from a number of other artists on this page. I am happy to put together a package ready to be gifted. Just get in touch for a chat.

Whatever you give, I hope the simple act of putting something together for someone else brings both you and them joy.

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