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Discovering reed diffusers

I've always wanted to have a more 'grown up' house where rooms smell clean, fresh and inviting, pillows are pumped and there are magazines on a coffee table for you to read. I've never achieved this and perhaps my idea of what I wanted has actually changed to a more practical view with having the things I love around me and accessible - i.e. not so clutter free. I did have a revelation in discovering reed diffusers though. I'd previously bought various hideous plastic boxes from the supermarket that would diffuse or actively spray some kind of scent but they never really worked the way I hoped.

I had a number of people ask me if I would do some to go alongside the candles so I started doing some research and product testing. I discovered some amazing fragrance oils which I loved and bottles I felt would look great. Reeds were far more complicated than I ever realised and we ended up applying our scientific understanding of surface area, diffusion rates and viscosity (heaven to us geeks) to work out the best combination. I am delighted with the results and they will be on sale shortly. I've now converted to having them in all rooms of my house.

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