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Everyday luxury gifts and homewares. Established in 2019. High quality crafts combined with information and fundraising for local charity projects.



Cornerstone Crafts Newmarket Limited brings beautiful, giftable homewares and toiletries to sell and raise money for community projects. Everything here is created with environmental sustainability in mind and has been crafted by someone who is deeply passionate about their craft, finishing items to a high standard. Makers have given of their own time and  a minimal cost of the materials is reclaimed, ensuring the maximum donation to the projects.


To provide an in person and online showcase for talented crafts people to reach bigger markets to sell high quality gifts  and donate their profits to support charity projects within East Anglia.  

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Kerensa Klottrup-Rees (Director and Maker of Bath Bombs, Soaps, Candles). "I started making to produce things for the home that were low waste and sustainable. I get a lot of joy out of making gifts I know other people will love".

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